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ESP Biography

LINDSAY OISHI, Stanford PhD in Educational Psychology

Major: Education

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2012

Picture of Lindsay Oishi

Brief Biographical Sketch:

I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and I'm half Japanese and half Caucasian.

After graduating from Georgetown University in 2003 (BA in Philosophy), I went to Oxford to study Psychology & Philosophy (MA, 2005), and have just finished my PhD in Educational Psychology here at Stanford University :-) Woo hoo!

My doctoral dissertation was on career and personal development in Stanford undergraduates, and I care a lot about young people and how they can build happy, satisfying lives. I've been tutoring high school students for almost ten years, and I love working with all students.

I currently work for the EPGY Online High School, the Stanford Institute of Design (""), and Flex College Prep.

Past Classes

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L2106: Getting the Most out of College in Splash! Spring 2012
You've been looking forward to it for years - college!! But how can you make sure it's really going to be all it's supposed to be -- fun, educational, life-changing, and worth all that effort and money? We will talk about common mistakes, myths and fears, and do interactive activities to help you prepare for the next big stage of your life. Topics (depending on student interest) may include academics, social life, extracurricular activities, romantic relationships, career planning, and stress management.

L2107: Healthy Love and Relationships in Splash! Spring 2012
Everyone wants to love and be loved. Yet intimate relationships, though incredibly rewarding, can be very difficult as well! We will talk about love and friendship in your life now and in the future, explore common myths and problems, and practice ways of thinking and acting that allow us to form, maintain and enhance our relationships with others. Whether you have been in zero romantic relationships or many, currently single or have a partner, straight or LGBTTQ, all are welcome to join the discussion.

V2111: Why Modern Art? in Splash! Spring 2012
Ever wondered what's the big deal about modern art (or even, what IS modern art?)? This quick introduction will expose you to some of the coolest, most famous and powerful examples of modern art, and delve into why modern art came to be, and what it's good for (if anything). Discussion and debate encouraged!