Walk-in Activities

Splash Spring 2022 will be holding walk-in activities.

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Guidelines for Running a Walk-in Activity at Splash:

  • not open to online registration (or any advance sign-ups)
  • open (and advertised) to students in all grades (8-12)
  • accessible for a general audience and has no prerequisites
  • generally not size limited (excepting limited materials/equipment and room capacity, generally between 20 and 60 students)
  • students may come and go during the duration of the activity (though most stay for the entire hour)
  • not a traditional lecture class (students do not have to attend the whole activity to enjoy it)
  • engaging/hands-on if possible (funding for materials available)
  • fun and ideally educational too!

About Walk-in Activities:

Walk-in activities are activities that are open to all Splash students and are attended without prior registration. These activities are designed for students who do not have a full class schedule or who have had a class cancelled at the last minute, and are advertised to all participants.

The number of students participating in these activities is limited only by the room capacity, typically 40 to 50 students. Most students will arrive on time, but some may come or go partway through the timeslot. The grade range for walk-in activities is 8-12, so please keep in mind that you cannot restrict your walk-in activity to only students of certain ages.

Walk-in activities are best suited for topics that are interesting to a general audience and do not have any prerequisites. Since students may arrive late or depart early, activities that do not require focused attention for the duration of the activity are more likely to be successful.

Here are some topics that work well with the format of walk-in seminars at Splash:

  • Improv Acting
  • Test Your Physics Intuition (Demo Series)
  • Planet Earth (Documentary)
  • Post-it Art
  • Ancient Civilizations (Trivia Game)
  • Paper Airplane Design
  • Exploring Microbes: Life Under the Microscope
  • Getting Into College (Q&A Session)
  • ... and many more!

If you have questions about leading a walk-in activity, please email us at stanfordesp@gmail.com.

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