About Teaching at Splash

Teaching at Splash is all about sharing your knowledge and excitement with eager students. The class topic can be anything you are passionate about (your major, your hobbies, etc.) and you have the freedom to design your own class.

As a Splash teacher, you can:

  • pick the topic you want to teach and design your own curriculum
  • co-teach with your friends and colleagues
  • select the duration and size of your class
  • determine the grade levels of your class (between 8th and 12th)
  • request to have class supplies funded

Interested? Click on the Register tab on the left to sign up!

The deadline to register a class for Splash Spring 2024 is April 12.

Who Can Teach at Splash

Current Stanford affiliates (students, faculty, and postdocs with a valid SUNet ID) are eligible to teach. Per State of California laws and Stanford University policies governing working with minors, teachers are required to complete a LiveScan background check and two short online trainings before they are allowed to teach. More information about these requirements will be sent out after the teacher registration deadline has passed. Splash will reimburse teachers for the cost of the LiveScan. Note that if you are co-teaching a class, only one teacher from your group needs to be LiveScanned. However, all teachers must complete the online trainings.

Time Commitment

Teaching at Splash doesn't have to be a huge time commitment. You can teach for as little as one hour and as much as you want. We offer two in-person, one-hour teacher training sessions before the event. We strongly encourage all first-time teachers attend one of these two sessions. Returning teachers are more than welcome to attend teacher training if they want to. More information about training sessions can be found here

The Fine Print

We aim to create a safe place where kids can feel inspired and excited about learning. As such, you can't exactly teach anything at Splash. Here are some examples of classes we do not allow:

  • Classes that include activities that pose any sort of physical or mental danger to our students.
  • Classes that are illegal, or that explicitly promote illegal activities (e.g. How to Deal Drugs 101).
  • Classes that promote only a single viewpoint on a sensitive topic (e.g. a pro- or anti-abortion class).
  • Classes that exist to advertise an outside organization, service, or product.
  • Classes that gather data for outside research purposes of any kind.
  • Classes that promote religious proselytization or disrespect a person's religious beliefs.
  • Classes that discriminate against students of a certain gender, race, or religion. (See Stanford Nondiscrimination Policy)
  • In general, adults should be positive role models for minors and all members of the Stanford community are expected to follow the University’s Code of Conduct, Stanford Risk Management Guidelines, and the Haas Center’s Principles of Ethical and Effective Service.

Please know that the Splash team and Stanford University reserve the right to reject or cancel any class. In addition, Splash teachers must be Stanford affiliated and at least 18 years of age.


Check our FAQs or contact us.

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