Splash Spring 2019 is May 4-5, 2019!

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ESP Biography

RYAN JOHNSTON, Stanford student studying Civil Engineering

Major: Civil Engineering

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2022

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My name is Ryan Johnston. I was born and raised in Duluth Minnesota. I am currently a student at Stanford University studying Civil Engineering and Computer Science. I love the outdoors; because of that, I spend a lot of time skiing and camping. I especially love the wilderness of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin where I spend my summers. Some of my hobbies include building tree-houses, making card games, making maps, and making videos.

Past Classes

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S7297: Map the World to Mold the World in Splash Spring 2019 (May. 04 - 05, 2019)
We have access to the most accurate maps of the world ever made on the phones in our pocket, but we don't often stop to ask who made these maps and why. This class will discuss the power of maps to shape the world around us and give students some tools to start shaping it themselves.